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If mastectomy is your best treatment option, you will have to decide what to do about your missing breast. Until fairly recently, a flat chest was the only option and some women today still prefer to accept a flat chest. Many women feel radically changed by their cancer experience, and some feel that their flat chest is an acknowledgement of their post-cancer persona.

A simple option is to wear a breast prosthesis. This provides the appearance of a natural breast and provides a better fit in clothing. It can help to minimise the un-balanced feeling that the missing breast creates. This option can also be used temporarily if you are undecided about breast reconstruction, or if your reconstruction needs to be delayed for radiation treatment.
Breast reconstruction is the process of recreating a breast mound aiming to match the remaining natural breast. It has been shown to improve mental health, emotional well-being, energy level and satisfaction with breast appearance after mastectomy. The main procedure is the creation of the breast shape and volume, either at the same time as the mastectomy, or at a later date. It may be necessary to undergo one or two subsequent smaller procedures, aimed at slightly altering the shape of the breast or creating a nipple and areola (the darker skin around the nipple).

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