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I have signed up for the Moon Walk with some friends: a 42 km overnight walk in aid of Breast Cancer charities. We have been gradually increasing the length of our walks and are now up to 26 km – some days my new breasts ache after a walk or I get unexpected jolts of pain when I’m not expecting it. But generally exercising is getting easier and easier – I start some classes at the gym and book some physiotherapy sessions to start to build up my pectoral muscles in particular. I explain to the Pilates teacher in the first session that I have recently had an operation – she asks if I’ve had a boob job. Not exactly, I say. I explain that I’ve had a double mastectomy – she surprises me by replying that she has the BRCA gene and is due to have a double mastectomy in six weeks’ time. She admits she is terrified – I stay after the class to talk with her. I reassure her that my experience has been a very positive one and answer her questions as best I can. She says she is reassured talking to me and from loking at my profile and observing how I coped during the class (although the push-ups were challenging). I suggest she reads this blog and feel pleased if a little nervous at the thought.  

Crash   Boob Wars

On my way back from a 7am gym class I get knocked off my bicycle by a car. I’m ok, if a little bruised and shaken with bleeding knees. But my first thought as I headed towards the tarmac was for my boobs, closely followed by my head and teeth. The thought of undoing all that surgery and having to start again is not appealing – I decide there and then to change our ski holiday for something more sedate, for this year at least.


I pay the lovely Jackie in the lingerie shop another visit as my two remaining bras are looking decidedly worse for wear after being worn day and night for 6 months with repeated applications of bio-oil. Jackie admires my new improved breasts but looks doubtful when I suggest they are meant to be a C cup. She returns bearing 3 bras all 32D and is accurate in her assessment that they will fit comfortably. My husband looks pleased. The bras are getting less industrial looking – but still not quite lace and underwiring. Jackie reassures me that we will get there eventually.

Jiggle factor 

8 weeks after my third operation the scars are smoother and starting to fade. The breasts definitely have more movement than previously – perhaps not quite the long awaited jiggle factor though.

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